Skin renewal from within



Increasing the skin’s antioxidative capacity, to protect against free radicals

Powerful vitamin C infused antioxidants with a high degree of vitamin stability that increases the skin's antioxidative capacity, protecting our skin against free radicals.


Maintaining a balanced skin microbiome, to keep your immune system in check

Micro-algae that provides skin nutrition with a prebiotic effect to maintain a balanced skin microbiome, keeping your immune system in check while soothing from within.


Promoting proteins for
skin rejuvenation

Glycoprotein with natural cryoprotective properties that prevent cutaneous dryness, while enhancing keratinocyte cell growth to stimulate the skin cell renewal pathway.



Custom made proprietary formulations

All formulations are custom-made following a strict and extensive development process to ensure quality and fit for purpose.

At BEYL we believe nature + man makes the strongest combination. We use a considered combination of lasting, high quality natural ingredients with safe yet effective science-backed enhancements to deliver highly effective skincare routines tailored to each man’s unique skin profile.

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Designed with male skin in mind

Men’s skin is on average 25% thicker, produces up to 4x as much oil and has a different aging pattern due to higher collagen density. The skin immune response is different and more prone to bacterial and viral infections with increased sensitivity to environmental conditions, partly related to our grooming routine.

BEYL formulations are specifically designed with these concerns in mind, using active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy that penetrate into the skin layers. Skin nutrition that revitalises the skin by enhancing cell renewal and growth. Micro-algae that promote clear skin with mild sebum reduction while soothing and balancing the skin microbiome, keeping our immune system in check.

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With active ingredients delivered into the skin layers

BEYL’s formulations contain an advanced encapsulated delivery system. Liposomal vesicles utilise highly purified phospholipids with a high content of linoleic acids and flexible membranes to enable more effective delivery of active ingredients to deep epidermal skin layers.


We believe the perfect formula is adaptive, not just to skin type but also to the environment in which it is used.

Cold winters, or hot and humid summers, air-conditioned living spaces or physical activity, the needs of our skin vary based on temperature and humidity.

Our proprietary moisturiser formulation contains a sensorial emulsifier that allows for seamless auto-adaptation to our local skin environment, the natural and artificial climates and seasons in which we live.


In cold and dry conditions
The formulation comforts & protects, avoiding a raw and cracking skin feel.


In hot or humid conditions
The formulation offers sensory stability, avoiding a heavy and greasy skin feel.

Active Ingredients

Scientifically proven to enhance the structure of your skin

Vitamin C delivery technology

As seen in: cleanser, moisturiser, eye cream

An advanced skin delivery system

  • Increases the bioavailability of actives in the deep epidermal skin layers

Anti-free radicals & oxidative damage

  • High degree of vitamin stability, protecting the antioxidants against oxidation
  • Increases the skin’s intrinsic antioxidative capacity

Glacial glycoprotein

As seen in: cleanser, moisturiser, eye cream

Skin protection

  • Cryoprotects bilayer lipid cell membranes against extreme cold

Skin restructuring

  • Increase of fibroblast adhesion by 125% in 5 hours
  • Increase of keratinocyte cell growth by 35% after 48 hours

Protein synthesis induction

  • Increase of collagen I synthesis by 34%

Micro-algae derived prebiotic

As seen in: cleanser, moisturiser, eye cream

Skin revitalisation

  • Superb nutritional value leads to outperforming the EGF with enhanced keratinocytes renewal pathway

Provides balanced skin nutrition

  • Thanks to its broad spectrum prebiotic effect on relative growth of microbiome species S. epidermidis, P. acnes, M. furfur and S. aureus

Preserves skin balance with complete prebiotic effect

  • Thanks to increase of the keratinocyte anti-microbiomal response

Skin soothing

  • By preventing the inflammation triggered by microbiome imbalances

Promotes clear skin

  • With a comprehensive yet mild strategy – sebum reduction

Functionalised plant technology based on Jojoba esters and Beeswax

As seen in: moisturiser

Auto-adaptation to climate – Expert sensory analysis in temperate and tropical conditions

  • In cold or dry conditions, it creates a soft, comfortable film of protection
  • In hot and humid conditions, it stabilises the sensory properties

Long lasting moisturisation - Corneometry study results:

  • +43% in 30min
  • +40% after 8 hours
  • 100% of panellists confirm their skin is visible better hydrated

Visible improvement of appearance - Dermatological scoring:

  • +77% increase in skin radiance
  • +68% skin texture fineness
  • +58% skin smoothness
  • +35% skin tonicity aspect

Cocoa seed extract

As seen in: moisturiser

Blue light stress reduction from tech and communication devices – In vitro study

  • Associated with a reduction of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in keratinocyte cell cultures
  • Associated with the maintenance of blue light photoreceptors (opsin) in the skin

Aging biomarkers – In vitro study

  • Associated with more collagen I, fibrillin-1 and syndecan-4
  • Associated with visible improvement of elastin fibre network

Skin wrinkles – In vivo

  • Associated with less visible wrinkles and smoother skin surface

Complex of Tuberose cells and natural Betaine

As seen in: eye cream

Moisturising effect

  • Due to an increase in water retention in epidermis
  • Due to a decrease in transepidermal flow

Lipid restoring effect

  • Due to a 24% increase in free fatty acids

Firming effect

  • Due to an increase in the synthesis of the major components of the extracellular matrix, proteoglycans (average 27%), collagen (22%), elastin (26%) and GAGs (25%)

Soothing effect

  • Due to a decrease in the expression of inflammation mediators, IL1-alpha (-26%), IL-6 (-23%) and PEG2 (-24%)

Detoxifying effect

  • Due to an increase in micro-circulation (decrease in nitric oxide of 24%)
  • Due to a 24% and 28% increase in cellular respiration


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